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Build custom calculators, save your data for faster calculations, and keep track of your calculation and report history. All in an ad-free experience. 

Starts at $19 per year.

What is PaycheckCity Profiles?

PaycheckCity Profiles is an online application to quickly run, save, and email accurate paycheck calculations and reports.

Who is PaycheckCity Profiles for?

PaycheckCity Profiles is ideal for small business owners who want to run gross to net calculations and print and save paystubs, for payroll professionals who want to help employees with their paychecks or run one-off payroll scenarios, and for individuals who want to run what-if scenarios on their paychecks.

Why PaycheckCity Profiles?

PaycheckCity Profiles builds on the 18-year legacy of PaycheckCity as the leading paycheck calculator website with customizable calculators that save time and effort for repeated calculations, all in an ad-free experience.


PaycheckCity Profiles is offered at a low yearly price. 

Ideal for daily users

$ 199 /yr.

  • Unlimited calculations
  • Export history to .CSV file
  • Batch calculations
  • Year-to-Date reporting
  • Unlimited profiles, deductions, & reports

Ideal for weekly users

$ 49 /yr.

  • 300 calculations
  • Export history to .CSV file
  • -
  • -
  • Unlimited profiles, deductions, & reports

Ideal for monthly users

$ 19 /yr.

  • 100 calculations
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Unlimited profiles, deductions, & reports


Build your profiles

Pre-define individual, employee, scenario, and company information in your settings. Customize your print options for each profile.

Build custom deductions and deduction sets

Set up your company's deductions and the right tax exemptions for each one. Then group your deductions together in deduction sets to appear automatically in the calculators when you choose.

Populate any calculator with your pre-defined settings

The Salary, Hourly, Bonus, 401k, and Gross Up Calculators are now pre-set with your specifications. No more entering the same data every time you run a calculation. Change whatever variable you want--pay rate, hours, withholding settings, deductions, etc.--and click "calculate."

Save, email, or download your calculations and reports

Keep track of your calculation and report history, send paystubs to your employees, and revisit your calculation history to re-run or change a calculation.



Customize company settings
Customize employee profiles
Set up custom deductions
Set up deduction sets
No branding on paystubs
Works on desktop, tablet, & mobile
Ad-free experience


Hourly & salary calculators
Year-to-Date calculations
Gross to net calculations
Gross up calculations
Bonus calculations-flat & percent
Precise tax calculations
401(K) calculator & analysis
What-if scenarios 
Handles all 50 states & U.S. Territories
Handles local taxes
Handles multiple pay rates

Save, track, print and email

Save, print, & email paystubs
Save, print, & email calculation results
Save, print, & email reports
Track your calculation history
Track your report history

Happy Calculating!


About PaycheckCity

PaycheckCity delivers accurate paycheck calculations to tens of millions of individuals, small businesses, and payroll professionals every year.