Self-service payrollright-sized and right-priced for your small business.

  • Proven accuracy

  • Affordable pricing

  • Simple to use

How it works

Run your payroll with PaycheckCity Payroll.
Print checks and file taxes yourself.


Set up your account.

Tell us about your company and employees, including locations and addresses.

Enter pay details and run payroll.

Input pay information: hours, tips, sick, or vacation time.


We do the calculations, you handle the rest.

Your paychecks and paystubs are calculated, populated, and ready for printing.

We’ll tee you up for tax time.

At tax time, we’ll provide W-2, 940 and 941 information for you to populate and file.



We offer one simple plan designed with your small business in mind.
Give it a try for free for 7 days.

$199 / year

  • Calculate and print employee paychecks in all 50 states
  • Unlimited payrolls and pay schedules
  • Unlimited work locations per employee
  • Run payroll for hourly, salaried, and tipped employees
  • Quarterly and year-end data
  • Multi-state calculations included

What we do, what you do

What PaycheckCity Does
What You Do
Payroll taxesPaycheckCity calculates all taxes, including federal, state, and local tax for each employee.You rest assured knowing that all tax calculations are accurate and up to date.
PaychecksPaycheckCity populates and generates your paychecks.You print and distribute paychecks to employees.
Tax filingsPaycheckCity produces annual and quarterly tax report data.You populate, file and remit payment for your annual and quarterly taxes.
Employee W-2sPaycheckCity produces W-2 report data for each employee.You populate and distribute employee W-2 reports.

An easy, time-saving payroll solution for small businesses like yours.

PaycheckCity Payroll has made us more productive and has saved hundreds of hours of time when running our payroll. They make it simple and easy. We wouldn’t use any other payroll solution and recommend them to any small business owner.
— April Young, Ultimate Properties

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