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Symmetry Tax Engine®

PaycheckCity® calculators rely on the Symmetry Tax Engine® for accurate withholding tax computations. For software developers, the Symmetry Tax Engine® is a logical component of your payroll application. Millions of Paychecks are calculated every pay day with the Symmetry Tax Engine.

The Symmetry Tax Engine frees you from the burden of withholding taxes with…

  • Federal, FICA (Social Security and Medicare)
  • State withholdings and multistate functionality
  • Local Taxes (City, County, School Districts, etc.)
  • FUTA and SUTA
  • True geocoding functionality
  • Timely updates
  • Wrappers for C, .NET, ASP, and JAVA environments

Learn more about the Symmetry Tax Engine®.

Questions? Contact PaycheckCity® for more information about our payroll withholding calculators, and other payroll tools including the Symmetry Tax Engine® and private-label paycheck calculators.

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