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Private-Label Payroll Calculators from PaycheckCity®

Private-Label calculators integrate with your website to deliver valuable tools for your employees or customers. What are the advantages?

  • Private-Label calculators can be highly customized, depending on your audience.
  • All advertisements are removed.
  • These tools enhance your Employee Self-Service portal and content.
  • Payroll managers may modify the calculator relative to your company's voluntary deductions or other income items.
  • Deductions such as medical insurance and retirement plans can be created to mirror those items on an employee's pay stub.
  • XML technology can be used to pre-populate employee data in the calculator fields.
  • A wide variety of additional options are available. Contact a Symmetry Software sales representative for license information here.

White-label payroll calculators are also available.  They display your branding exclusively…all references to PaycheckCity® are removed.

There are numerous Payroll Calculators available:

  • Salary Paycheck Calculator - Calculates take home pay (wages after withholdings and taxes) for salaried employees.
  • Hourly Paycheck Calculator - Calculates take home pay based on hours entered and up to 6 different pay rates.
  • Form W4 Assistant - Guides you step by step through the process to fill out a Form W-4. As the last step, you can print an official copy of your completed Form W-4 to sign and file with your company.
  • Gross-Up Calculator - Starts with take home pay and calculates up to the amount of gross wages on which withholding taxes and deductions are taken.
  • 401(k) Planner - Helps demonstrate how your 401(k) participation affects your take home pay and plans for the future. Enter your paycheck and 401(k) numbers, adjust the rates of return, contribution percentage, and current plan balance to estimate the value of your plan in the future.
  • Bonus Calculator (percentage method) – Uses the percentage method for supplemental tax rates to calculate withholdings on special wage payments. If your state does not have a special supplemental rate, you will be forwarded to the aggregate bonus calculator.
  • Bonus Calculator (aggregate method) - Uses the aggregate method of calculation of supplemental pay. If your state does not use the aggregate method for this calculation, you will be forwarded to the percentage bonus calculator.
  • Employee Stock Options Calculator – Finds out how much tax will need to be withheld when you cash in your stock options. This calculator conveniently finds your current stock price when you enter a ticker symbol.
  • Tip Tax Calculator - Verifies or anticipates what your paycheck will be given your tips.
  • Dual Scenario Calculator – Answers questions about how net pay will be altered because of benefit changes (open enrollment), relocation, pay raises, withholding adjustments, etc. This Calculator has two calculators appearing on one screen, making it easy to compare two different scenarios.
  • Defined Contribution Calculator - An enhanced version of our 401(k) Planner, this calculator includes employer profit sharing contributions to the calculation and complies with all Federal retirement law. It addresses complex elements such as catch-up provisions and 401(k) statutory limits.
  • 403 (b) Planner - Similar to our 401(k) Planner, this calculator is designed for employees who work for non-profit organizations.
  • 457 Planner - A Section 457 plan is a deferred compensation plan available to employees of state or local governmental entities, agencies of such entities, or many of the tax-exempt organizations under Code Section 501. This calculator is designed specifically for employees of such organizations.
  • Termination/Final Pay Calculator – To meet the requirements in certain states, this calculator uses the standard input format and functionality to provide a termination net pay. A statement is created for the employee, payment can be made manually and the results transmitted to your payroll office.
  • Pay Frequency Conversion Calculator - Helps employees see the impact on their take home pay given a company's change in pay frequency.

Questions? Contact PaycheckCity® for more information about our private-label payroll calculators, and other payroll tools including the Symmetry Tax Engine®.

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