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PaycheckCity® Information for Members of the Media

What are the latest trends in the world of U.S. payroll? What impact do they have on businesses and employees?

The team at Symmetry Software, the developers of PaycheckCity®, are experts on all aspects of exemptions or deductions taken from a worker's gross wage or salary, including the impact on a paycheck caused by any federal or state tax changes. Through research performed for PaycheckCity®, Symmetry Software tracks trends and monitors the issues to keep our clients informed. Our staff also presents the Company's perspective on key issues at industry conferences throughout the year. Because of our extensive market knowledge and insight, PaycheckCity® is a reliable media source for information and comments on topics like the following:

  • "What happens if I increase or decrease my exemptions for Federal and state taxes?"
  • "What happens to my taxes (pro and con) if I defer more money into my 401(k) plan?"
  • "Will I actually see any of my raise after the taxes are taken out?"
  • "I don't think my severance check is right. How do I check the lump sum withholding rates?

Explore what's making the news at PaycheckCity® by clicking on the links below:

For more information about Symmetry Software, call 480.596.1500 or visit the company's web site at

Contact us to speak with a member of our marketing team.

Questions? Contact PaycheckCity® for more information about our payroll withholding calculators, and other payroll tools including the Symmetry Tax Engine® and private-label paycheck calculators.

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