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Mar 13, 2018

Retiring is a celebrated achievement in life. You can finally kick back and walk around in your pajamas all day. In the evening, you can go for a sunset cruise on the boat you just bought as a gift to yourself. While it may seem like the worries and stresses of working life are behind you, you may resort back to fretting about something: having enough money to carry you through retirement and live comfortably.

Below are a few places in the U.S. known for their generous retirement living situation, with emphasis on a tax-friendly environment. If you’re curious, take a look. Each location offers their own set of welcoming characteristics!

  1. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  2. Nashua, New Hampshire
  3. Hollywood, Florida
  4. Greenville, South Carolina
  5. Sugar Land, Texas
  6. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  7. Iowa City, Iowa
  8. Rapid City, South Dakota
  9. Reno, Nevada
  10. Sante Fe, New Mexico
  11. Spokane, Washington
  12. Bend, Oregon
Retiring overseas

If retiring domestically doesn’t seem like a good fit, what about moving to a foreign country?

The following list takes 13 aspects into consideration, ranging from the cost of living and taxes to environmental conditions.

The top places to retire overseas:
  1. Algarve, Portugal
  2. Valletta, Malta
  3. Mazatlan, Mexico
  4. Abruzzo, Italy
  5. Saint-Chinan, France
  6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  7. Lisbon, Portugal
  8. Budapest, Hungary
  9. San Miguel de Allende, México
  10. George Town, Malaysia
Whether you’re retired, or just daydreaming of the day, you may want to look closely at these locations. A generous tax code, friendly cost of living, and adequate infrastructure can stretch your nest egg much longer, making you happy and more comfortable.

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