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Jun 13, 2018

Tired of entering company and employee information each time you want to calculate or model a paycheck? Enter PaycheckCity Profiles, the latest offering from the same team that brought you PaycheckCity.

PaycheckCity Profiles allows you to:

Build and save individual profiles  
  • Customize and save individual, employee and company information in your settings.  
Build and save custom deductions and deduction sets 
  • Build custom deductions and the right tax exemptions. Then group your deductions in a deduction set to appear automatically in the calculators when you choose. 
Populate any calculator with your saved profiles and deductions making repeated calculations a snap 
  • The Salary, Hourly, Bonus, 401k, and Gross-Up Calculators are now pre-set with your specifications.  
Save, email, or download your calculations, reports, and paystubs 
  • Keep track of your calculations and report history, send pay stubs or reports, and revisit your calculation history to re-run or change a calculation. 
PaycheckCity Profiles is offered at three tiers to accommodate your needs, starting at $19 per year.

Free trial for PaycheckCity Profiles 
Sign up for a 7-day free trial to experience Profiles for yourself!

Interested in learning more about how PaycheckCity Profiles works and the benefits? Check out our instructional videos and articles for PaycheckCity Profiles!

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