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May 08, 2018

Starting a company from scratch can be unnerving. You have employees to hire, office space to find, expenses and revenue to keep track of, and the list goes on. Most importantly, you have employees to pay.

Enter PaycheckCity Profiles, the latest offering from the same team that brought you PaycheckCity. Below, we dive into the details of PaycheckCity Profiles and how it can help your small business.

PaycheckCity Profiles Benefits

PaycheckCity Profiles offers features for a small business that can save you time and effort when processing paychecks.

Build profiles
  • Pre-define individual, employee, scenario, and company information in your settings. Customize your print options for each profile.
Build custom deductions and deduction sets
  • Set up your company's deductions and the right tax exemptions for each one. Then group your deductions in a deduction set to appear automatically in the calculators when you choose.
Populate any calculator with your predefined settings
  • The salary, Hourly, Bonus, 401k, and Gross-Up Calculators are now pre-set with your specifications. No more entering the same data every time you run a calculation. Change whatever variable you want -- pay rate, hours, withholding settings, deductions, etc.
Save, email, or download your calculations and reports
  • Keep track of your calculation and report history, send pay stubs to your employees, and revisit your calculation history to re-run or change a calculation.
Check out our instructional videos and articles for PaycheckCity Profiles!

How is Profiles different from our free site?

Beyond the capabilities mentioned above, Profiles is much different than our free site.
PaycheckCity Profiles is a paid for service. We have three pricing tiers that can accommodate your small business needs. Our standard offering is a $19 annual fee. With this package, you will receive 100 calculations per year. Like all our other packages, you can create unlimited profiles, deductions, and reports.

The premium offering costs $49 per year and includes 300 calculations. You can also export your history to .CSV file.
Our ultimate package costs $199 per year and sets no limit on calculations. You may run as many calculations as you wish. Similar to our premium plan, you can export history to .CSV file and create an unlimited amount of profiles, deductions, and reports. The ultimate package can also process gross salary year to date calculations.

More information on Profiles pricing

Free trial for PaycheckCity Profiles

PaycheckCity Profiles can provide real value to your small business. With our fast, and up to date calculators you can rely on accurate withholding rates for your employees. Between our three tiers of pricing and features, you will be able to find something just right for your goals.

Sign up for a 7-day free trial to experience PaycheckCity Profiles.

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