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Jun 06, 2017


For most, there can always be more to pay for vital necessities and other fun-related services and goods. If you’re looking to save money - whatever the reason may be - check out these apps. 

Mint - Mint is an app that allows you to “see everything in one place.” It combines whatever you want, from balances to bills, to help making managing money easier. With Mint, a user can track bills, budget their finances, track investments, and check credit scores. With these capabilities, Mint aims to help users get a better picture of how they spend their money, and how to make financial decisions based on it.

Acorns - Acorns is an app that automatically invests your spare change. After signing up for an account, users connect one or several cards and go about making their daily purchases. The app then automatically invests your spare change. You can also set up your own recurring investments, or boost investments by a one-time investment. 

ShopKick - ShopKick rewards users for what everyone does at one point or another: shop. Users earn “kicks” or points by scanning items on the app at participating stores. Users also gather kicks for using certain cards, or scanning receipts. After so many points, you collect gift cards to supporting stores. 

You Need a Budget (YNAB)  - YNAB does exactly what you may think. Its goal is to help users stop living paycheck to paycheck by displaying their accounts and spending habits in one central location. YNAB helps prioritize dollars and sets up a plan for users to follow so a $500 budget can last a month, rather than a few weeks. 

Trim - Trim is a financial assistant app that aims to do what its name entails: trim. After hooking up accounts and cards, the automated system begins helping you take care of your money. Not paying using Netflix but paying for it? Trim will notify you so you can make better budgeting decisions. 

LearnVest - This app/website is another example of a helpful financial planning resource. Their method is slightly different than others, beginning with a three-tiered foundation of credit card debt, emergency savings, and retirement. From there, users - with the help of experts within the service - create personal goals and build strategies to help achieve them. Financial planners are available 24/7, via email. Online tools such as classes and articles are also available within the app. 

SavingStar- SavingStar is a free service that helps users buy and save money on groceries. The service houses various grocery offers (essentially specialized coupons used only at select supermarkets) users can select and link to their accounts via the SavingStar app. Using the grocery offers builds points, which can then be redeemed for gift cards or Upromise and PayPal credits. 

These are just a few examples of apps that exist to help budget, save, and plan your money. Our set of calculators can also help users budget by allowing them to set their paychecks well in advance, and model different scenarios that would affect take-home-pay. Try one today! 

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