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Jun 13, 2017

Athletes are known for big paychecks, but do you know just how much some make? And what about people within the business, but not actually players? Here’s a look at some of the biggest salaries involved in the 2017 NBA Finals, for the 2016-2017 season. 
Players - Cleveland Cavaliers: 
Lebron James - $30,963,450 
Kevin Love - $21,165,675
Kyrie Irving - $17,638,063 
Tristan Thompson - $15,330,435
JR Smith - $12,800,000 
Iman Shumpert - $9,662,922
Channing Frye - $7,806,971
Coach: Tryonn Lue - $35 million dollars, for five years 
Owner: Dan Gilbert, $5.9 billion net worth 
Total Team Value (how much owners paid for the team): $1.2 billion. 
Players - Golden State Warriors 
Kevin Durant - $26,540,100
Klay Thompson - $16,663,575
Draymond Green - $15,330,435
Stephen Curry - $12,112,539
Andre Iguodala - $11,131,368
Jason Thompson - $6,825,000
Coach: Steve Kerr - $25 million, for five years 
Owner: Joe Lacob - $325 million net worth 
Total Team Value: $2.6 billion. 
Other notables:

Mike Breen - Broadcaster of the NBA Finals - $57 million dollar contract 
Adam Silver - NBA Commisioner - $8-$11 million salary
With those big paychecks come big tax dues. Click here to read more about the jock tax - a special tax that athletes must pay based on the state in which they’re playing, and for how long. 
Want to imagine that’s your salary and see what a bi-weekly paycheck would look like? Calculate a check now with our salary calculator. 

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