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About PaycheckCity®

PaycheckCity IS NOT a payroll service. Simply stated, this website is a collection of online paycheck calculators. Symmetry Software, the company behind PaycheckCity, does not have access to corporate payroll systems or personal payroll data. Some people call our calculators paycheck modeling tools. These calculators are used by individuals and organizations to quickly and accurately answer paycheck-related questions. They can also be used to compute (or model) paychecks under a variety of circumstances.

Are you a Payroll Service Company?

Again, PaycheckCity is NOT a payroll service, but many payroll service companies license similar calculators for their websites through Symmetry Software. If you are a payroll service company and would like to have customized paycheck calculators for your website, please contact Symmetry Software for more information.

Are you a Payroll Manager?

Many large corporations also license paycheck calculators for their Employee Self Service portals (ESS) to improve service to their employees and free payroll departments from the burden of those never-ending "what-if" questions.

For assistance with other payroll software matters, please visit Symmetry Software.

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PaycheckCity is a member of the Google Network. This is a large group of websites who have partnered with Google to display AdWords ads. If you wish to advertise on PaycheckCity, you may do so by becoming a member of Google's AdWords program and using the placement-targeting feature. Placement Targeting allows you to specify PaycheckCity for your advertisements. Visit this page for advertising information.

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