Nebraska Federal 401k Calculator Results

Below are your Nebraska 401k details and paycheck information. To get a detailed future analysis of your 401k, fill out the 401k Future Value Analysis form below. With sensible diversification elsewhere in your investment portfolio, your 401k is an important part of planning for retirement.

To understand your paycheck better and learn how to calculate withholding, SDI, FLI, WC, and other taxes, check the paycheck results FAQs below the results.

401k Details

Current taxes you saved *Withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax and may be subject to a federal 10% penalty if taken prior to age 59.
$0.00 ($0.00 annually)
Out of pocket money
$0.00 ($0.00 annually)
Employee Contribution
$0.00 ($0.00 annually)
Employer Contribution
$0.00 ($0.00 annually)
Employer Contribution Limit
No Annual Limit
401(k) Future Value Analysis

To get a detailed future analysis of your 401k, enter the current value of your 401k savings, anticipated annual salary increases, years to retirement, and projected market rates in the future.

Interest Rates to Graph (%)

Paycheck Results

Gross Pay
Federal Withholding
Social Security
State Withholding

Take Home Pay

Net Pay

Calculation Based On

Check Date
Gross Pay
Gross Pay Method
Gross Salary Year to Date
Pay Frequency
Federal Filing Status
# of Federal Allowances
Additional Federal Withholding
Round Federal Withholding
Exempt from Federal Withholding
Exempt from Social Security
Exempt from Medicare
Paycheck Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to 401k contributions?

Yes there’s an annual limit. For 2023, the limit is $22,500 per year. For 401(k) Catch Up Contribution (over age 50) the limit is $7,500 ($30,000 total).
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