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Your 401k Analysis

In the graph and graph below see how your 401k investment grows given your time until retirement, your investment contributions, employer contributions, anticipated salary increases, and projected market rates. 401k plans are part of a family of retirement plans known as defined contribution plans. They are called "defined contribution plans" because the amount that is contributed is defined either by the employee (a.k.a. the participant) or the employer.

YearYou PayEmployer PaysYearly Total%%%

Future congressional action may change the amount of contributions to your plan. For analysis of your individual financial needs, please consult a certified accountant or financial planner.

401k balance over years

Savings ($)Rate 1Rate 2Rate 3

This hypothetical illustration is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to represent any specific investment, and is not indicative of past, present or future performance.

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