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Every working American receives a paycheck, and you probably don’t give it much thought before depositing it into your bank account. In fact, you might not even think about depositing it thanks to direct deposit. However, it’s important to check your paycheck and make sure your employer is withholding the right taxes every time. While you might be thinking, “Nothing ever changes, and my paycheck stays the same, so I don’t need to check it,” you should think about all the life changes that could potentially alter your check. Read More


Nowadays, it seems as if everyone is always rushing somewhere. This means that you’re not always in front of a computer screen, but almost always have your phone or a tablet. That’s why we’ve made PaycheckCity compatible with all devices using Responsive Design. We want you to be able to accurately calculate your paycheck, whether you’re on the train, at the mall, or grocery shopping! Read More


Whether you’ve been in business for a long time, or are just starting out, you know that payroll is an essential part of running your company. Along the way, you may consider switching your payroll practices – possibly investing in payroll software or a third-party payroll service. Or, you may choose to complete all payroll by hand. In this article, we will break down the major differences between the three methods of calculating payroll. Read More


Looking for Rhode Island state tax information? In this article, you’ll find the latest resources on state tax, unemployment, income tax and more.Read More


Employee financial wellness has long been thought to affect how employees perform at work. Stress about finances can weigh heavily on the mind and cross over into office hours. And of course, employees’ jobs contribute significantly to their ability to meet their financial needs and regular expenses.Read More


While most people are getting ready to ring in the New Year with holiday parties, gifts, and too much food, in the payroll tax world it’s a different story! We know payroll managers are busy, busy, busy keeping up with tax changes for 2015. Below, you will find this week’s tax changes in review. If you’d like to see the changes as we receive them, start following our Twitter account!Read More


Looking for South Dakota state tax information? We provide the latest resources on state tax, unemployment, income tax and more.Read More


If you own a small business and are looking to hire your first employee, you need to consider is how often you will pay your new hire, since this will be included in your offer letter. Read More


Looking for Louisiana state tax information? In this article, you will find the latest resources on state tax, unemployment, income tax and more.Read More


The IRS announced today (Wednesday, December 10, 2014) the optional standard mileage rates that are used for using a car for business, charitable, medical, or moving purposes. Even though gas prices are declining, the deductible amounts are up, as outlined in Notice 2014-79. Read More

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