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Jun 02, 2011

Scottsdale, AZ (June 2, 2011). Big changes are underway at PaycheckCity, the flagship website of Symmetry Software. There has been a complete redesign of the site; even the PaycheckCity logo has been revamped. At first glance, the most obvious change is the overall appearance - the look and feel of the website have been updated to reflect the comfort and ease with which you can now navigate, virtually every part of the site is more clearly accessible. All the same great information is still there, plus quite a bit of new material aimed at making payroll easier to manage. In addition, all of the paycheck calculators at PaycheckCity are now available without any need for registration.

Our hourly and salary paycheck calculators, as well as all the others, have been restructured to utilize the latest technological advances, to further improve accuracy. All the calculators have undergone rigorous testing, and we've had a lot of positive response on these, so check them out; we think you'll be happy with the changes. Of course, if you still feel the need to register for something, we have a great e-newsletter you can sign up to receive quarterly.
Another big change at PaycheckCity is the improved integration of social media, so you can easily keep in touch with our facebook and Twitter online presence. It's a great way to keep on top of all the latest news and ideas concerning payroll, and keep in touch. We welcome your participation in our online community and look forward to seeing you there.
Creating the new website has been a lot of diligent hard work, but we are committed to making all our sites accurate, informative, and easy to navigate. We hope you'll like the new look and feel of PaycheckCity. Over the course of the next year we will be doing similar updates to our other websites;,, and

About Symmetry Software
Founded in 1984, Symmetry Software is a groundbreaking innovator in tax applications for the internet and corporate intranets. At its core, Symmetry is a software development firm with a high level of expertise in payroll withholding taxes. Our team of software engineers and taxation experts provide leading edge, regulatory compliant payroll software products.  For more information please visit us at

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