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Jan 14, 2016

Scottsdale, Ariz. (Jan. 14, 2015) – Calculators by Symmetry – a new product powered by Symmetry Software – launched earlier this month. The calculators deliver payroll tax modeling calculations for integration into a client’s own website, via an API or widget. Current private label PaycheckCity calculators will no longer be offered; however, will remain operational and available to those wanting to quickly answer “what-if” scenarios regarding their paychecks. 

Calculators by Symmetry is available in a basic or premium package. These are based on the amount of annual calculations a company will perform. Basic supplies 2,500 where premium offers 6,500. A client can choose either the API or widget version, and every bundle comes with Symmetry’s full set of calculators.  

“We are excited to launch Calculators by Symmetry,” said CEO and Founder of Symmetry Software, Tom Reahard. “We are always looking to offer the most valuable and worthwhile products. The creation of the Calculators by Symmetry API is something we’ve never done before, and we know it will open new doors for our existing and future clients.” 

Calculators by Symmetry are fully customizable and responsive. Clients paste the widget code given to them directly into their own site, or the API key provided by Symmetry in the appropriate area. The widget is designed to easily integrate into any site or portal, and is a simple copy and paste job. Each client is provided with a unique key. The API is more extensive code, but completely stateless, giving a customer free range in terms of design and values. Anything from the look and feel of the calculator, to pre-populated values like marital status, can be personalized.  This also has a unique code. 

To perform a calculation, a user gives the calculator the desired data, which is passed through Symmetry’s Tax Engine for complete accuracy. Then, the information is returned in JSON data. Data comes back immediately, reducing a user’s wait time. 

Additional benefits of Calculators by Symmetry include access to Symmetry’s admin center, and a site full of documentation with step-by-step instructions for implementation and changes. Symmetry Software also provides technical support, and complete customization for companies wanting specialized help. The calculators will remain in beta until January 2016. 

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