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Scottsdale, AZ August 4, 2014 – Symmetry Software, specialists in payroll withholding tax solutions for large employers and payroll providers, donated scientific graphing calculators to low-income schools during the 2013-2014 school year to boost math achievement. Calculators For Kids is an annual initiative that Symmetry Software supports by donating a calculator to a school in need for every 50,000 visits to its flagship website,
The program was originally inspired by Teach For America’s work in Symmetry’s headquarters state of Arizona. Tom Reahard, founder and CEO of Symmetry Software launched “Calculators For Kids” with the goal of helping low-income students the tools they need to be successful in their mathematics coursework, and in their future careers. In the 2013-2014 school year, Symmetry collaborated with Teach For America to identify classrooms in need of this technology. The United States ranks 27th worldwide in mathematics performance (OECD), and there is a large achievement gap between low-income students and their more affluent peers. Recognizing the need for both individuals and businesses to support education, Reahard states, “Our hope is that by providing children in need with graphing calculators, their interest in mathematics and mathematic-related fields, like engineering, will grow, and ultimately lead to a career in a mathematics-related field.”

Katie Stephens-Rich describes the impact of the calculators in her classroom. “According to the NWEA assessment, a growth-based measurement of students’ math skills, our average classroom growth was 2.5 years. I believe the donation from Calculators For Kids was a big contributor to my students’ success. I’m grateful for the opportunity Calculators For Kids has given my students and excited to implement the calculators in the future.” 

Graphing calculators help students with problem-solving complex equations and visualizing mathematical concepts, leading to a better understanding of solving functions, variables, and interpreting graphs. According to Texas Instruments, teaching with graphing calculators using successful techniques has be shown to yield average learning gains of 14-50%. Access to graphing calculators also improves students’ attitudes towards math, which could lead to more students choosing to pursue mathematics in their careers. 

For more information on Calculators For Kids, visit

About Teach For America
Teach For America works in partnership with communities to expand educational opportunity for children facing the challenges of poverty. Founded in 1990, Teach For America recruits and develops a diverse corps of outstanding individuals of all academic disciplines to commit two years to teach in high-need schools and become lifelong leaders in the movement to end educational inequity. This year, more than 10,000 corps members are teaching in 46 urban and rural regions across the country, while nearly 28,000 alumni are working across sectors to ensure that all children have access to an excellent education. For more information, visit

About Symmetry Software
Symmetry Software simplifies the payroll process with our dependable and accurate payroll withholding tax solutions. We help you dramatically decrease internal error rates, stay within regulatory compliance, and provide precise and accurate payroll calculations. Our team of software engineers and taxation experts provide innovative, regulatory compliant payroll software products including the Symmetry Tax Engine®, Symmetry Payroll Forms™, Payroll Point®, and PaycheckCity® Calculators. Since 1984, Symmetry Software has been helping clients get the right taxes, the first time®. 

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