Alimony = Taxable Income!!

My divorce was finalized mid November...I do not should my ex-husband and I file? We still live in the same house, although the kids and I are upstairs, he is downstairs...In our divorce decree, he gets to claim both kids as exemptions through 2010. As stated in the decree, he also must pay me temporary spousal support through Nov 2011. Does this payment have to be claimed as a type of alimony paid or received ...or does the fact that we still reside together in the same home exempt us from having to claim it either way? I guess the main question is how do we file for this year? How will I file beyond 2008, being as though I won't work, but will receive child support/temp. spousal support, all the while living in the same home?

Alimony = Taxable Income!!

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